About QGoat

QUEENSLAND GOAT PRODUCERS INC (QGoat) was formed when a group of like-minded goat producers came together after the inaugural Springsure Meat & Dairy Goat Show in Central Queensland in May 2022, with the aim of growing a strong, progressive and sustainable commercial goat industry in Queensland.

QGoat is an incorporated, non-profit, community based goat producers group, managed by a committee drawn from across the goat industry. We encompass all of Queensland, with regional sub groups to address issues specific to the diverse goat rearing conditions across the state.

Our current strategic plan covers QGoat’s goals from 2023 to 2028 and includes (but is not limited to) establishing strategic networks and alliances, becoming an industry leader, being involved in a range of significant projects in the goat industry, and having an active online marketing platform for members.

OUR Objectives

  • To promote a strong network, and actively advance goat production with education, research, technology and extension in Queensland.

  • To improve productivity by increasing producers’ awareness of better farming systems and Best Management Practices.

  • To represent members of the Association in negotiations and discussions with organisations involved in the goat industry.

  • To join in research associated with the marketing, industry development, husbandry and ethical utilisation of goats and their derivatives.

  • To optimise the genetic potential of the regional herd, increasing production characteristics, fertility and kid survival.

  • To support and promote all goat breeds groups, associated industries and organisations, to advance the commercial goat industry.


Glenda Henry


Julie Petty

Vice Chairperson

Fleur Tarlinton & Kylie Leahy


Robyn Smith


Nancy Pratt

Diana Barfield

Angus Macdonald

Keeleigh Allport

Helen Darlington